What You Need To Know About Brazilian Waxing

Women are very particular and concerned about their appearance and hygiene. They use cosmetics, patronize a whole lot of treatments like spa, waxing, liposuction and other beauty treatments to maintain and improve their appearance.

One of the most popular treatments that women use, is Brazilian waxing. It is a form of spa treatment that takes out all of the pubic hair in the vaginal area, compared to the regular type of waxing that only removes pubic hair in the boundaries of the bikini line. Sometimes, a small strip of hair is left above the pubic bone. It became a very popular trend in Brazil during the 1980′s and later spread to other countries, hence the name, Brazilian waxing.

Women wax because it feels more comfortable and clean down there. Women feel more comfortable with their bodies when wearing bikinis and bathing suits when they don’t have to worry about any pubic hair peeking out from their bikini bottoms. However, one can’t help but ask if it is safe. After all, pubic hair was put down there for a purpose and will removing it put women at risk?

Factors to Consider

Dermatologists, beauty and cosmetics experts say that there are indeed certain risks and safety issues to consider. Though waxing doesn’t necessarily make you more prone to genital health disease, the procedure of Brazilian waxing is very risky and painful. It pulls out and remove the pubic hair using melted wax. Wax only melts at high temperature. Since the skin of the genital area is more delicate than the other part of the body, a slightly warmer wax may cause bleeding, burns and scarring.

Some women with a more sensitive skin will experience more pain and bruising. There are also instances wherein bleeding occurs after pulling out the hair for the fist time. Aside from that, if the hair is not properly prepared prior to waxing, the procedure will be repeated multiple times. This is very uncomfortable, leaving bruises and skin irritation that can last for days.

Another downside of Brazilian waxing is that it is more prone to infection. The genital area of women is vulnerable to bacterial and fungus growth. The pubic hair acts as a form of barrier against bacterial and fungal infection that removing all of it will leave that area more prone to infection. It will also cause skin bruising irritation when wearing tight clothing.

It can also lead to various forms of genital disease and infections. Spa and wax salons use tools that is most likely used for other customers as well. A non-sanitized waxing tool will contain microorganisms and transfer bacteria from one person to another. If it happens that one customer has a genital health problem, it is likely that it will be transferred to another if the same tools are used.

However, even with these risks, women still prefer Brazilian waxing, claiming that it is more healthy and safe to keep that area free of any hair. Women are not forced to completely avoid waxing, it is only best to know the risks to ensure safety.

Elizabeth Harper, the writer, loves to share her ideas about fitness, beauty and fashion. She is a spa owner for five years and uses her interests in providing better services to her clients. She also gives the best tips.Visit her site, Dyanna Spa and learn more.

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