Fun And Exciting Hobbies For Seniors

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As seniors embark on their new lifestyle, they soon find that they have new found additional “leisure time” as compared with while they were working full time. 

With this new found “leisure time” to spare, many seniors start to consider new activities that they can now embark on and some of these activities include taking up some new hobbies.

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Many Exciting Hobbies Await! 

Traditionally, seniors can take up outdoors hobbies like golf, tennis, photography and hiking and indoor hobbies like reading, playing chess and even bowling.


Some of the other “new hobbies” that seniors have taken up and found very rewarding include the following:

1. Learning to play the piano or the guitar.

Of course, there are many other types of musical instruments that you choose from to learn how to play, like the harmonica or the violin, but the guitar and the keyboards are two of the more popular instruments that many seniors like to learn how to play. Initial investment cost for a guitar or a portable electronic organ is fairly low. [Click HERE to learn more about choosing a guitar]. Also there now many affordable electronic organs that your can order right from the comfort of your home [Click HERE to check it out]. Remember the fun of picking up this hobby is in the learning process. It is much easier than most of us think and the joy of being able to play it at your next family or friends get together is indeed very rewarding.

play guitar

So how can one actually start to learn to play the guitar or the keyboards. The great thing about the internet is that through the internet, you can actually learn to play these musical instrument at home at your very own convenience. How cool is that? You can choose to learn at whatever time you like and for whatever period of time you like. And the best thing is that it is now so very affordable. Sometimes less than the cost of a nice dinner out. But of course if you really prefer, you can always enrol for classes at a music school of your choosing. [Click HERE to check out how Learn To Play The Guitar] and [Click HERE to find out how to Learn To Play The Piano]

 2. Learning Magic Tricks

Have you ever watched magicians doing their magic tricks and thought to youself that one day you too may learn how to do those tricks yourself. How cool would it be if you could, at the next family get together, impress all your family members including the grand children if any, with some amazing card tricks or coin vanshing tricks. [Click HERE to see some more homemade magic trick videos].

Actually learning the skills of doing magic tricks can be a really rewarding hobby. Again the great thing about the internet is that there are so many sources of information on the internet for you to check out on how you can start your new hobby of learning magic tricks. [Click HERE to find out more on Learning Magic Tricks].

3. Keep Fit By  Learning Tai Chi or Yoga

In Less Than 10-Minutes Per Day, T’ai Chi or Yoga Can 
Help You Get Back In Shape and the best thing is that you can do it almost anywhere – in the garden, the local park or even in the comfort of your own home! Try to find out if there are any Tai Chi or Yoga classes being conducted near whre you live and enrol into one of them today.  Besides being a great new hobby, Tai Chi or Yoga can provide many great benefits including :

▪               Reduce Stress

▪               Increase Muscle Strength

▪               Decrease blood pressuree

▪               Benefit patients with heart disease

▪               Reduce arthritis and back pain

▪               Prevent depression

▪                Improve sleep 


Most people initially consider T’ai Chi and Yoga to be a sequence of slow physical exercises –probably from images they saw on television and travel programmes – however, there’s a lot more to T’ai Chi and Yoga than just exercising.

Again if there is no Tai Chi or Yoga Classes nearby for you to enroll into, then you can check out some of the Tai Chi or Yoga Programs that you can find on the internet. It also has a low investment cost and the best thing is you can start anytime, even today! [Click HERE to find out more on How you can Learn Tai Chi]

Besides the above mentioned hobbies, there are also other hobbies to check out including :

  1. Learning handicrafts like Macrame – learning such handicraft skills can also sometimes lead to the opportunity of starting your own home business, especially suited for senior ladies.                    macrame+2012+4
  2. Learning Trick Photography – much more fun than just learning Photography.high-speed-water-splash-photography-fist-punch
  3. Travel And See The World By Being a House Sitter – Another unique activity that seniors can consider as a “new hobby” is becoming a House Sitter. You can travel to places like New Zealand, Australia, Canada or the U.K. and stay for a few weeks or months for free by being  House Sitter. [For more information Click Here]housecarersTravel

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