Woodworking For Seniors


A really fun hobby that seniors can pick up is woodworking.

With woodworking as a hobby you can create your own hand crafted items for your home and garden.

By taking up this skilled craft as a hobby, many seniors can enjoy taking the time and patience to make quality products that range from tool benches, sheds and furniture to outdoor items like gazebos and garden tables and chairs and even wooden toys for children and grandchildren.


With the skills from this hobby, you can also make many home improvements.


Through woodworking projects, vegetable gardens can be framed or boxes made to hold plants and vegetables.

For seniors taking up this hobby, they need to make sure their wood working tools are in good shape and not rusted. A basic bench is usable when you begin.

Seniors must pick the best bench plan that will hold scroll and table saws as well as many other tabletop tools including drill presses, sanders and grinders.

Before seniors embark on any woodworking project, they need to ensure that safety precautions are in place. Some of these tools or saws can be very dangerous. Safety first is the best policy.


Personal protective gears like a mask and goggles may be needed when cutting wood.

Read all operating instructions and have good lighting.

Children should not be present when a saw is in use.

And always be prepared with a first aid kit in event of an accident.

Wax the table with a coat or two of suitable wax or car wax after the table has been cleaned from dust.

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Seniors should remember that whatever woodworking project you are doing make sure your pride will show through in the quality of your work.

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