Natural Bladder Control For Senior Men

Great Ways to Help Yourself Form Natural Bladder Control


There are many positive actions you can take to deal with your secret challenge. Some of these will apply to you, and perhaps others won’t. If you experience more than occasional urinary accidents, check with your doctor. Depending on whether you have a medical condition, there are many things they can do for you.

Some of their recommendations could include: Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles below the bladder, medications, devices inserted into your vagina or rectum, and even surgery. They can even give you implanted devices such as a plug in your urinary tract. Some doctors may suggest insertion of a permanent electrode and stimulator.

But, you can do a lot to help yourself and support a normal healthy bladder and promote proper urinary flow, retention, and bladder strength.

Understand your body and how it works

Study the two pictures of the urinary system. Your bladder is something like a balloon with two tubes coming down from it. Notice where the muscles are around this system. When these muscles become weak, you begin to lose bladder control. You’ll also see how small those tubes, called “urethra”, are. One or both can become blocked, and require the expertise of a doctor.

Kegel exercises

These are exercises, for both men and women, which help strengthen the muscles below the bladder that hold in urine. These exercises involve tightening, holding and then relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. During urination you are encouraged to start, stop, hold, and start again to tone up your muscle control. At first you may find this difficult to do, but don’t give up. These muscles will get stronger, and you will have greater control.

Water consumption

You might be trying to cut down on urinary frequency by drinking less water. This is not good for your health. Every person needs to drink one-half their body weight in ounces every day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water a day. If you weigh 110 pounds, you will need 55 ounces.

Iced tea, coffee and sodas don’t count. In fact, they make your problem worse!
Water is necessary for the proper function of cells, to carry nutrients in and toxins out. If you don’t drink enough water, your liver, then your kidneys, will become over-loaded with toxins. This can lead to infections. An easy test is to check the color or your urine. It should be colorless, or pale, pale yellow. The exception is, if you are taking a vitamin supplement containing B vitamins, your urine will be bright yellow. There should not be an unpleasant odor. If your urine smells bad you should see your doctor about a possible infection.

Limit coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks

These beverages have a diuretic effect on the body. They actually cause you to go to the bathroom more often. Anything with caffeine in it is diuretic. This includes decaffeinated coffee and sodas, because it’s impossible to remove all of the caffeine. Not only are the extra trips to the bathroom a nuisance, vital nutrients are being drained from your body. If you do consume these beverages, add an extra glass of water for each one. This will replace the water you’re losing.
Do not drink any beverages within two hours of bedtime. If you do, you will surely be up again in a few hours to go to the bathroom.

Beware of constipation

Constipation contributes to frequent urges to go to the bathroom. If you look at the pictures above, you can see there is a lot of “equipment” in a small space. Also, the bladder needs room to expand as it fills. When you’re constipated, your lower intestine is filled with material, which greatly reduces the space for the bladder. Consequently, the bladder will feel full sooner, and there you go, off to the bathroom again. If you experience chronic constipation, the bladder begins to feel frequent urination is normal, and it becomes a habit, even if you’re not constipated. Then, you’ll have re-train your bladder to get it back to more normal expansion. Usually, inadequate consumption of water contributes to constipation. Proper amounts of drinking water will help. Also, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables for fiber, minerals and vitamins. Getting daily exercise, and letting go of stress and tension also helps.

If constipation is an issue for you, you may want to check out the Bowtrol Colon Cleanse Formula. Bowtrol is an all natural herbal colon cleansing treatment that has changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives through our gentle and effective whole body safe and effective internal cleansing.



Try to get at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every day. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, just make sure you’re moving. A brisk walk is ideal. This will tone your whole body and improve your outlook on life. You’ll breathe deeper and get good fresh air into your lungs. Exercise will help promote peristaltic action (movement of material through your intestines) in order to decrease occasional constipation. Exercise will also reduce stress, which contributes to constipation. You’ll find you sleep better, too.

Empty your bladder completely

In these days of hustle and bustle, being in a hurry, rushing to “get more done”, people often don’t empty their bladder completely when they go. Take a few extra minutes to relax physically. Wait a minute after voiding, then, try again to see if there is a little bit more. Often times there will be, and you’ll have a longer interval between trips.

How to encourage peaceful sleep

Here are some tips to help you get a good night’s sleep. When you don’t sleep well, you simply don’t feel your best. You need to relax physically and mentally.

  • Go to the bathroom immediately before going to sleep, even if you don’t feel you need to. Make this a part of your nighttime ritual of changing your clothes, washing your face, brushing your teeth and taking care of your hair. Your bladder will learn that’s the right time to go.
  • Wear socks to bed. Feet have poor circulation, so they get cold first. This means you will sleep lighter when your feet are cold. Then, you’ll become more aware of pressure in your bladder. Sometimes, you can safely ignore it, if your quality of sleep is deep enough.
  • Avoid snacks before bed, especially grains and sugars. These foods raise your blood sugar and inhibit sleep. Then, you have to go to the bathroom again.
  • No TV right before sleep. TV stimulates your brain, and it will take longer to fall asleep. After you’re asleep, your brain will continue processing the TV images, which can lead to disturbing dreams and light sleep. Then you have to go to the bathroom again.
  • Sleep in complete darkness if possible. If you have to go to the bathroom, avoid turning on the light. Your body reacts to light by ceasing production of melatonin and serotonin. These two hormones are sleep aids, and you will feel “awake”, without them. Then, you’ll have to go to the bathroom again.
  • Go to bed at the same time every night. Your body will get into a sleep cycle and make it easier to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep, so you don’t have to go the bathroom so often.
  • Take Flotrol to support and maintain your bladder health. As you improve your overall bladder health, you’ll find Flotrol a rewarding support for your self-help activities.

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