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Learn To Play Guitar : 20 Tips To Improve Your Guitar Playing Skills


If you are new to guitar or your playing has taken a bit of a dip, here are some tips that might help.

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1. Always learn new things: There are hundreds of different techniques that you can learn on guitar, research, ask and try.

2. Learn a new chord every day. There are more than 200 chords and chord progression suggestions. Learn some chord variations to spice up your playing.

3. Take up a guitar course, either an online course or books and DVDs.   Click HERE to get Guitar Books And DVDs

4. Try learning another instrument too, drums, harmonica, piano, anything that you like or have an interest in. It will help you to improve your skills as a guitarist and mould you into a more rounded musician.

5. Do you hate dancing? Make it your friend, it will help you to improve your rhythm.

6. Try to play songs you like by ear . It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, an error always equals a new learning. Trying to play songs like this will help improve your chord recognition.

7. Don’t stress when playing your guitar. Playing the guitar is fun. Love it!

8. If you play electric, try acoustic. If you play acoustic, try electric. If you’ve tried everything, learn some latin jazz or Flamenco.

9. Read and research for guitar websites like this and always post questions or comments on blogs or forums.

10. Give your instrument some love. Always clean and maintain your guitar so it’s always at its best.

11. Don’t be afraid to questions and doubts to other guitarists you know.

12. Something we have mentioned many of times, listen to music! Not only your favourite style but every style.

13. Learn guitar scales. The repetition will help develop consistency and technique.

14. Practice consistently. Try for at the very least 1 hour every 2 days, 40 minutes everyday would be ideal!

15. Always warm up. This is very important, every time you practice make sure you warm up for at least 10 or 15 minutes.

16. Become a guitar geek. Learn everything about the guitar, technical aspects, what type of set-up you like; strings, amps, pickups, etc. The internet is the best source of information for this.

17. If you are going to get serious about your guitar playing, buy a decent guitar. Never make a guitar buying decision hastily.

18. Use a metronome when practicing. Enough said!

19. Pay attention to your strumming hand once in awhile! Most guitar players spend way too much time focusing on their fretting hand.

20. Don’t try and take on too much. If a song or an exercise is too difficult for you, you may end up getting frustrated and giving up on the whole learning guitar thing. Not cool!

Read the above once, twice or more but most importantly, put a few into practice starting now!

Hope this has been helpful and enjoy your hobby of playing the guitar!

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Welcome To The Best Site For Hobbies For Seniors!


So what is a hobby?

When talking of hobbies, the thought of collecting stamps or old coins will probably come to mind. But a hobby doesn’t have to be one of those ordinary collections; there are many hobbies out there that can serve to expand who you are, develop your interests and perfect your skills. You just have to discover what that is, and work from there.

A hobby can be something that enriches your life.

Interesting hobbies are also a great way to expand your neural activity. When you do something new your brain has to create new “maps” or neural pathways. The more new paths you make (instead of doing the same activities over and over and creating a “rut” of only one pathway) the less likely you are to experience dementia, the more creative you’ll become, and therefore the more successful you’ll be. It’s never to late to try something new and entertaining.

A hobbyist pursues the hobby to satisfy personal or creative urges. And hobbies vary in their intensity and scope. Some people pursue them on a very occasional basis while other people do them daily. That is one of the nice things about a hobby – you can expand or contract the amount of time you invest in it based on what you want and what you want to learn or achieve.

play guitar

There’s also a whole social aspect to hobbies; how many times have you been at a cocktail party or social event where making conversation was like pulling teeth? Well, if you have a hobby that you’re passionate about, it opens up the possibility of a conversation topic and can say something positive about you at the same time.Not only can they serve as excellent icebreakers, but hobbies also serve as venues for meeting people, yes, even if you start attending Star Trek conventions, which can serve as a great networking tool or way to meet people.

play piano

Also imagine the next time you spend a weekend with some of your old buddies or the next time you visit your grandchildren. How cool would it be if you had just pick up a new hobby like playing the guitar or piano or even learning magic tricks. You will be the most popular grand parents doing amazing magic trick at your grand children’s birthday party!

magic 1

So hobbies are not only an amazing way to pass time, hobbies can also help you meet people, learn new things and have fun.


Let the fun begin!

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