What are E-cig Mods? 

If you are enjoying the experiences of vaping, but are now hearing the word mods, you may be wondering if this gadget will increase your enjoyment. Before you just go out and get a mod, you should learn more about these great gadgets.

You more than like already know what an e-cig or electronic cigarette is as it is nothing more than a electronic device that allows you to inhale water vapor with different flavors as well as some with nicotine so you kick the habit of smoking regular cigarettes with all those harmful chemicals. E-cigs are nothing more than water, flavoring, and oil that can be inhaled just like a cigarette. Today vaping has become a recreational enjoyable activity not only for smokers but for many that would want to enjoy the flavor and feel of vaping without becoming addicted.

Mods can be electronic cigarettes, while they can also be a part of the e-cig such as the cartmozier tank or even personal mods.

ecigMany electronic cigarettes are actually fashioned after a regular cigarette while other offer more personal gadgets and this is where mods come into play. Those that use mods can actually create their own electronic cigarette that gives them more ability to choose the strength of the nicotine they receive or even the amount of vapor they receive which allows them to have more of a puff and exhaled vapor. With mods you can find better batteries as well as better performance than with more electronic cigarettes.

Today, there are many different manufacturers creating ecig mods so the choices are practically endless. Of course along with the variety also comes all kinds of prices from inexpensive to up in the hundreds of dollars.

The most basic mods are mechanical and advanced vaporizers that are more personalized. Tubes of course look like tubes while boxes look more like boxes.

Now that you know a bit about mods, let’s look at an the ecig liquids. Ecigarette liquid is also referred to as e-juice and comes in a variety of different flavors. The most categories include tobacco blends, fruits, sweets & desserts, beverage, cereals, mint, and menthol. Of course, these are just the categories, you will certainly enjoy trying various ones to find your favorite ecig liquid.

Under beverages you will find black ice, caramel coffee, dead man’s party, and demon energy, to name a few. Maybe cereal flavors like Mrs. Berry, Kaptain Peanut Butter Krunch, or the Beez Kneez will be your favorite. Fruits are very popular with flavors like agua dulce, ‘nana Cream, Amelia and blood orange. You certainly do not want to miss some of the delights under sweets and desserts such as apple rings, bubble gum, butterscotch,and blue pop shock.

There are many different way you can enjoy vaping and make it a personal experience, you should at least try it and see just how much enjoyment you can achieve.

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